beach candy is a luxury resort wear brand that celebrates the rich textile heritage of India.Created under the highest of ethical and fair trade standards the designs are honed by master craftsmen using the earth's natural fibres.

Having lived in Mumbai since 2008, creative director, Sophie Paget Steavenson, is passionate about exploring the traditional techniques of India's artisans and amalgamating them with her own designs. Her collections are produced by charitable organisations that help people out of poverty (mainly those living in the slums) by training the unskilled and giving them a safe support network and work environment. .

Being lucky enough to spend much of her year in the sun, she designs clothes that are comfortable in the heat yet sophisticated, chic and effortless in style. Summer 2013 sees the launch of 'Pix N Mix' that draws inspiration from Sophie's life in Mumbai. The collection is a heady mix of exotic and flirty prints infused with a candy palette to create a feminine collection that epitomises summertime

A collection of gems, beach candy's versatile pieces are wearable from sun drenched shores to urban summers. Simply accessorize with sophisticated city staples - mix, match and wear at your pleasure